Logged on to my Twitter account today and this is what I saw. So cute! I wouldn't mind it being over capacity just so that I can see this cute whale. ^^


1) Just finished my Digital Wireless Comm. Systems exam today. It was a breeze, simply because it was open-book and we could bring our 3-page, A4 size cheatsheets. And someone is going to buy me dinner just because I gave him a cheatsheet! ^^

The exam made me think of Dr. Chuah and all the torture he put us through our undergraduate days... :P However, I kinda miss those days studying with Berry and all... yeah friends will just be a part of your life for a little while, then they gotta separate. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just be with the ones we like forever and ever?

2) Another paper to go tomorrow - Computer Security. Now this one is tougher because we can't bring in any cheatsheets. And Java is so not my cup of coffee!!

3) Finally withdrew my application for Newcastle University yesterday. So sad, if only I were richer... or cleverer, then I could have studied in UK... and experience UK study life... *sob... but oh well, guess I'm lucky enough to be studying in a foreign country.

4) Hope tomorrow comes quickly so we can go and watch the Korea VS Argentina World Cup game on Haeundae beach! But hope the weekend does not come soon cos Katie will be going off after that... gonna miss her terribly... *BIG SOB* ;-(

5) I miss bakzhang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously miss it now that it's Dumpling Festival... I'd always taken bakzhang for granted because my lovely mom will always prepare bakzhang for me to eat and stuff my fridge with many many homemade bakzhang... but now that I'm in another country which doesn't commemorate a Chinese poet... I don't get to eat it. Bakzhang festival also makes me think of my grandma... how me and my brother loved to eat her bakzhang... especially the nyonya zhang and kaya zhang. Miss you so much, grandma. Hope you are in a better place up there.


libelly said…
your blog suddenly very clean & refresh after changing to the new skin...

Xweing said…
Boring.. looks like tech/engineers blog.

Previously one like very depressing.. haha

Will use this until I have time to makeover my blog to a more cheery page...
josze said…
So jealous of u leh girl.. Your life is very busy there but always full and always with friends!!!!
Xweing said…
Yeah Josze that's one reason I left Intel - i wanted my life to be packed with stuff to do and i had no friends in penang!
leonardlcy said…
Good Luck dearie! Hope you'll pass with flying colors!

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