Wesak Day in Korea

Wesak Day in Korea was celebrated on May 21st this year, a week earlier than Malaysia. My friend YY said it's because Buddha needs to use a week riding on the cloud to get to Malaysia.

I visited the Haedong Yonggungsa temple (海东龙宫庙) with the Malaysian gang to see the colorful lantern display. From Haeundae station, we took the No.181 bus for about half an hour to reach there.

Amazing scenery. Before reaching here, the entrance to the temple looked like just any normal entrance. Then we had to pass through a low tunnel and lo and behold, this spectacular view of the temple by the sea greeted our eyes. It was so calm and serene, an otherworldly place for worship.

Rows and rows of multi-colored lanterns on display

A brief history on the temple:

Haedong Yonggungsa, literally translated as "Dragon King's Palace", is expressed to be a floating Buddhism sanctuary showing a wonderful view of dark-blue seas and breaking white water freshly touching your feet. The most merciful Boddhisattva Avalokitesvara (观音菩萨) was said to stay at such a lonely shoreside sometimes with a special representation of riding on a dragon in a flame. Haedong Yongkung Temple was named as one of the Korea Wonderful Boddhisattva Sancturaries. Located at the southernmost of East Seas of Korea, the temple was founded in AD 1376 by one of the greatest venerable monks named Naong who was advisory to King Kongmin at that time. After a great drought, he dreamed that if he founded a temple by the sea there would be abundance of rain and the nation would become stronger. So, he founded the temple at first by naming the mountain Mt. Bongrae and the temple as Bomoon Temple. However, the temple was burned down during the Japanese invasion in 1592. After 300 years, in 1930, the venerable monk Wunkang reconstructed the Bomoon temple and renamed it the Haedong Yongkung Temple.

On our way up:

Katie, me and Beelie
Katie & I
My favourite photo of the day. Beelie, Katie(from HK), me, Nana(from China) and Janice.

All of us!


libelly said…
I love ur photo of the day too!
Curious, those lantern above you guys made of paper? what is rain huh?
leonardlcy said…
I think Hong Kong also celebrates weesak day one week ahead. Happy Wesak. May you be well and happy!
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