Second visit to hair salon

Yesterday I visited a hair salon for the second time in Busan. I went to Jung Kyo Ho Hair Leader near my university because it's one of the cheapest yet professional salons around here.

What I wanted to do was pretty simple, I wanted to trim my fringe and back length, dye my hair to dark brown and do a straight perm since my natural curls are all popping back out. Before I went for my hairdo I already asked Janice and she told me coloring should cost around 20,000won (RM60) and straightening should be around 20,000won also.

When I got off the bus, I accidentally entered the wrong shop, some Cho Hair Saloon. Once I entered I knew it was the wrong shop cos it was small and there was no signboard saying "Jung Kyo Ho". But nevermind, I used the toilet and waited for somebody to layan me. It cost 80,000won (~RM240) to do both straightening and coloring. I asked the girl to reduce the price but they insisted on it. So expensive!~ So I left and went to Jung Kyo Ho.

Now Jung Kyo Ho has expanded into two shops here, one on each side of the street. The hair saloons here are very professional - first I have to discuss about my hairdo and the price at the front counter. But the front desk staff couldn't speak any English. My conversation with the staff went like this:

Me: I want to do Magic-Straight"te" (emphasizing the t-sound) and coloring. Olmayeyo? (How much?)
Staff: Magic-Straight"te" 30,000won(RM90), color 48,000won(RM144).

(Well, that's about the amount it would cost in Malaysia, but not in Korea!)

Me: Wow... that's expensive... nomu bisa yeyo~ (very expensive)
Staff: An bisa yeyo (not expensive, pointing to my long hair and shaking her pen at the written price on the paper)
Me: Uhh... kaka juseyo? (Reduce the price please?)
Staff: (Immediately reduced the color price from 48,000won to 30,000won! Spoke into microphone to ask someone to assist the "foreigner" - me, to the branch opposite.)

Wow.. that was like a quiz or something, if I couldn't utter a word of Korean they would have insisted on wui guk in (foreigner) price!

So I went to do my hair which cost me a total of 60,000won(RM160 with cheaper KRW-MYR exchange rate), 3 hours and an Agatha Christie mystery. Quite pleased with the result although yesterday the Nature Republic sa zhang nim (shop owner) asked me if I'm from the Phillipines and today Bryan said I look Vietnamese! x_X


Lee Farrand said…
Yes, haircuts are famously overpriced in Korea for girls. Boy's cut only cost around $6, but they know that the girls will pay more money. Sometimes you can find small places that will do it for cheaper... so it's good to build a relationship with a place like that if you find one.
A Bookaholic said…
wowwwww thank goodness you spoke Korean! if not...u'd have to pay a bomb!! *faint*
Xweing said…
Lee: Yes, I asked two of my Korean guy friends and they both said my hairdo supposed to cost only 40,000won!!!~ *Butchered...

Bookaholic: Exactly... even more than what I paid for! But it's still considered cheaper than M'sia, right?? :-)
A Bookaholic said…
yea man! U got that right! :D

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