Summery Things ^^

It's officially SUMMER time now, and...

Damn, I missed my dorm's first serving of samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) today! Koreans like to eat boiling hot samgyetang during the summer (以热攻热), and they eat it three times during summer - the first day of summer (which is today), middle of summer, and last day of summer.

What's up, summery stuff?

My exotic-ly colored plant given to me by Pearly on my birthday, which I codenamed Jurassic, almost died the other day. I came back from my Suncheon/Yeosu roadtrip to find it sprawling limply on my desk. Oh no! It must be the summer heat... Magically enough, once I'd revived it with water, the plant "stood up" again and its color is now more vibrant than ever!~

I also stuck a heart-shaped rod into the plant which came as a cardholder in the bouquet of flowers Leo ordered for me. ^^

Come summer, bring out your fans!~

Here you can see people walking around with handheld electric fans blowing into their faces. So I went and got myself one from Daiso for 1000won (RM2.70)~ The pink TV shaped fan I put on my lab desk is a free gift cos I bought something~ ^^

And Moroccan Rose face mist from Nature Republic! I spray it into my face each time I get back from the sweltering heat, and instantly, it makes me feel like a woman~ ^^

There's this beautiful bush near my lab building which just bloomed~ I love the tissue paper-like flowers!~

And more accessories to fill up my jewelery box for summer! Diamante-heart shaped charm bracelet with "name, tel, birth, bloodtype" metal tag on it (3900 won)... I think I could just show this to the guys if they ask for it, hehehe~ And cute little doggie earrings... for only 1000won (RM2.60)

And 1000won aromatherapy incense from Daiso which come in a pack of four scents - sandal wood, jasmine, cinnamon and vanilla! Going to turn my dorm room into a spaland tonight!~ ^^

And, I'm totally hooked onto this song from The Pancakes (a solo girl indie band from Hong Kong) called "Tamagawa". Lyrics:

Everyone has a secret
Many authors are sad
Look at the children over there
What is our difference
Why do they smile
Why do we cry

All that i need is a hand to guide me through the rain
All that i need is a friend to hold me when i faint
All that i need is a man to take away my pain
All that i need is just Ben just Ben
To call my name again and again


pik lay said…
U are getting yourself a lot of pretty accessories.. i like
leonardlcy said…
Who's Ben?!!!! :p
Xweing said…
Pik Lay: Yes!!! Accessories are so cheap here!~

Dearie: Ben is........... kekeke... nobody

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