What a difference a day makes

My version of romance:

Sipping cranberry juice (the dark, red juice and taste is a temporary stand-in for red wine) while listening to Dinah Washington's "What A Difference A Day Makes" at night.

Singing the bluesy tune through videocall with my hubby while he's laying under the comfy covers, getting ready to fall asleep. (He used to sing me Coldplay's "Till Kingdom Come" while he was in the USA and I was under the covers falling asleep in Malaysia.)

Re-watching "Chungking Express" (sorry "California Dreamin'", I graduated from hippy pop to the blues now) and (still) ogling over Tony Leung (everybody was so young back then). Faye Wong replacing stuff in Tony Leung's apartment when he's out, adding more goldfish, changing his slippers, sticking a childhood photograph of herself on his mirror, changing his ex-gf's CD from "What A Difference" to "California Dreamin'"...) 当你爱上一个人,你会想把他潜移默化地占有。


leonardlcy said…
Hahah, now our situation is the total opposite. Me in Malaysia and you overseas. Come back quick, then we could sip tea/coffee, listening to jazzy tunes while lounging in our new apt...
A Bookaholic said…
awwww you and ur hubby so sweet and romantic!! :)

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