Watched 'Salt' here in Korea yesterday with Jae Gyeong (my junior labmate) and Janice. First thought that came to mind after the movie: "Phew, Angelina must be damn tired shooting the movie..."

Although I'm not a huge fan of Jolie, I must say that she really pulled off some incredible stunts! It's no wonder that she's the top choice for female action stars in Hollywood right now. I read in IMDB that the lead role Edwin Salt was initially for Tom Cruise but he rejected it cos the script was too similar with Mission Impossible. So they changed the character's name to Evelyn Salt and gave the role to Jolie instead.

Don't know why, I enjoyed this movie more than Inception. Maybe because Inception focuses more on making people think and think and getting more and more confused throughout the movie and has lame action scenes. Salt's action scenes are way cooler and more straightforward!

Btw, some thoughts about watching movie in Korean cinema:

1. The cinema I visit here is near my university - CGV - which reminds me of our own TGV. It's clean and the interior design is same as our Malaysian cinemas GSC and TGV.

2. Salt is the fourth movie I watched here. First was Alice in Wonderland, second was Eclipse, and third was Inception.

3. Ticket price is EXPENSIVE - 8,000 won/RM24 per pax. With this price, I could watch 4 Wednesday night movies in Malaysia already. Coke is expensive too, regular size Coke costs 2,000won/RM6. Don't even mention popcorn it's wayyy too expensive here.

4. They have no English subtitles, only Korean, so sometimes it's difficult for me to catch the dialogue! I had a minor culture shock when I watched Eclipse - at the beginning where Riley was being chased by Victoria I burst out laughing when I saw "누구야?" (Who are you?) on the screen! Sorry, couldn't help...


pik lay said…
Expensive ticket.. imagine paying RM24 each time going to cinema
Michelle said…
lourve ur new blog-look girl! :)
Xweing said…
pik lay: no need to imagine, i'm already paying that price here :-(

michelle: thanks a million!!!!!!

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