Summer on Haeundae Beach

Summer is almost over. My favourite season of the year. Sure spring is great cos I get to see beautiful flowers, but nothing beats summer cos I get to wear my bikini and swim in the sun till I'm tired then lie under the shade on the beach! ^^

Some of my friends prefer winter to summer. He said, "I can put on more clothes in winter and I won't feel cold anymore, but even if I take off all my clothes in summer I'll still feel hot." Makes sense... hmm...

I prefer summer to winter. At least I can still stay outdoors in summer for an extended period provided I wear my UV sunblock and shades but I can't go anywhere for long during winter cos it's so freakingly cold!~

My Leo prefers autumn. Red and gold leaves are his favourite color. :-) Btw summer is supposed to "just start" for me cos my baby is arriving on Thursday morning and we'll be spending my summer vacation in Gyeongju and Jeju-do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Punctuation marks are simply not enough here to express my excitement)

Some photos of the famous Haeundae Beach which I hung out twice this summer. Next year I'll change a new bikini, I promise.

This grand scene of parasols made it into the Guinness Book of Records!

Dan said it's like Sunway Lagoon, only, it's natural!

Blue parasols, blue sea, blue sky. My favourite color :-) And there were blimps in the sky and yachts in the sea... such a picturesque scene.

Beer can parade

Six-pack abs, my favourite part of it all... :P

Korean chicks in bikinis...

and me :">

More of me:

With the Malaysian gang... fun time on the beach. :-)


josze said…
Wah so many people!!!!
Is jeju-do = jeju island coz I went to jeju island once to see the place they film a bae yong jun movie wtf
omggggggggggggggg it was soooooooOO crowded!! It's like drowning in the crowd~ Love your bikini **
Xweing said…
Josze: Yeah! "Do" means island! And I didn't visit that Bae Yong Jun location.. where is that??!

Valyn: Thanks!~

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