Cocktail afternoon

Recently, I hang out with my junior labmate a lot. His name is Jae Gyong and he's Korean. Taking exercise walks to Gwanganri, going shopping at Megamart and Costco, playing billiards, etc...

Last weekend, after going to Costco to buy stuff, he made a couple of cocktails for me at home and taught me a thing or two about cocktails. ;-)

1) Vodka and orange juice is known as "Screwdriver". Although I'd mixed vodka and orange at home before, I didn't know its name till now.
2) "Screwdriver" is made with 1 parts vodka and 2 parts orange juice.
3) You can mix vodka and cranberry juice and it will taste just as nice, or even better!
4) A second name for "Screwdriver" is the "Lady Killer". Cos girls won't realize its alcoholic and thinking it's just plain orange juice, will drink and drink till they get pissed drunk.
5) The name "Screwdriver" originated from engineers pouring vodka into orange juice cans and mixing with a screwdriver.
6) Storing vodka into the freezer preserves the taste and makes the vodka taste purer, while reducing the "alcohol" taste. Pure alcohol doesn't freeze, so it's OK to put it in the freezer.

"Kahlua and vodka"
1) Kahlua tastes like bitter coffee and alcohol. This is my first time drinking Kahlua, I don't like it, I prefer Bailey's anytime.
2) It's 1 part vodka and 2 parts Kahlua.
3) Anyway I didn't like this drink so he finished it and I downed the Screwdriver.


pik lay said…
Now I know the drink I made with my previous bottle of vodka is called screwdriver! Thanks :P
Joseph said…
Cheers~! Yam Seng!
leonardlcy said…
Dun cheers to much!

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