Day 2: Haeundae & Dalmaji Vesta Spa

Suddenly, autumn comes without a warning. After two days of rain caused by the typhoon, the temperature dropped today to a pleasant 25C. A bit chilly. I shouldn't be wearing short pants anymore.

Two weeks ago, the sun was still scorching hot! I brought Leo to visit Haeundae Beach and Nurimaru APEC House. The Nurimaru APEC House was used for the 17th APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Leaders' Summit in 2005. APEC has 21 member economies, including most countries with a coastline on the Pacific Ocean. APEC Summit 2005 in Busan was attended by Abdullah Badawi(Malaysia), George W Bush(USA), Hu Jintao(China), Junichiro Koizumi(Japan), the late Roh Muh-Hyun(South Korea) etc. One thing that has never failed to amaze me about the House is, admission is free and open to the public but the place has been kept in tip-top condition since 2005!

My first visit to Nurimaru APEC House was on my first weekend when I arrived in Busan. I can still remember the short walk up the hill together with my Malaysian friends and the weather so cold I was still wearing my down jacket. What a change in weather from then... Leo and I were literally withering under the blistering hot sun as we walked up to the House. First thing he said when we got inside... "AIRCON!!!"

It was so hot until we were like nomads in the desert... the weather made us lazy and sleepy. When I was a kid, mom always screamed at me not to simply lie on the ground anywhere, but it was too hot that day... we saw a shade at the ground floor, sat there to rest, sipped sweet ice tea and fell asleep on the lawn for 15 mins with tourists walking around us!

Crossing the hanging bridge to get back to Haeundae Beach after the nap

Brought him to Haeundae Beach for some bikini ogling. Got front seats at the hottest spot with the best number of bikini babes walking around!

After a quick shower (500won coin operated shower), we took our fastfood dinner at Lotteria Burgers and took a taxi ride up to Dalmaji Hill. I had wanted to stay at Vesta Spa ever since hearing good reviews about the place from Katie months ago. Vesta Spa is located on Dalmaji Hill and has a great view of the entire Haeundae Beach and sea from its full glass windows.

It costs 8000won per pax if we enter before 9pm and more expensive afterwards. So we decided to enter at 8.30pm and leave at 9am the next morning. We arrived at 8pm so we decided to kill time by taking a short stroll on Moontan Road under the bright moonlight. Walked along the lonely path with the pine trees all around us and saw the shimmering reflection of the moonlight on the sea. Got creepy after a while (it was the 7th lunar month, afterall) and so we turned back to our spa.

This is the beautiful seaview that greeted me when I woke up from my sleeping place in the morning.


Clara Vargas said…
As soon as I saw this web story discussing a Travel Advisory Warning about Naples Italy, I concluded Xweing Away frequenters really have to read this!
leonardlcy said…
I can't understand why they call it Moon Tan road... Are Koreans so fair that they'll get a tan by "sunning" under the moon? hahah.
pik lay said…
Leo cuci mata in korea
nYnY_berrY said…
You photos make me feel so tempted to go Korea!
now air asia fly to korean! He must be very happy for the conviniency to visit you

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