Fukuoka Dreaming.

Two weeks ago, I woke up one morning and decided to go to Fukuoka, Japan.
Fukuoka is just 3 hours away from Busan by ship and since I have 3 days holiday for Chuseok(autumn festival), I thought, "Why not?"

I almost ended up going alone.
It feels so Lost in Translation to be traveling to Japan alone, especially during autumn.
A little bit lost, a little bit mellow, a little bit confused, and a little bit romantic.
My inspirations? Scarlett Johannson and an American girl I knew from church which feels like Scarlett Johannson. She always looked so lost in Korea.

I watched Lost in Translation 3 times. It's one of my favorite movies.
Traversing the busy Tokyo subway alone, walking in the rain through a Japanese temple garden, crossing Shibuya armed with only a plastic umbrella, hopping on rocks paved through a zen pool, witnessing a Japanese wedding ceremony, taking photographs of shoes with red maple leaves fallen on the ground.
Finding friendship and company, maybe.
Love, needs no translation?

Ends up, I'm going with two more girls.
It's gonna be a girl trip and we're gonna stay a night at a sauna-and-capsule-hotel!
And it's still so hot, more of late summer than early autumn actually.
So I don't think I'll be seeing any red leaves just yet.

But I've already had my Lost in Translation moment.
So, Fukuoka, I'm ready to come to you.

Fukuoka Dreaming.


A Bookaholic said…
ooh i cant wait to read abt ur trip!!! i m beginning to love japan...Was in tokyo, fell in love with the place. planning to make more trips to othr parts of japan... :)
leonardlcy said…
Save journey dearie. You love is here in Penang la, not in Fukuoka!!!

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