Japan Visa Requirements (for Malaysian)

To apply for a travel visa to Japan, these documents need to be submitted to the Japanese consulate:

-Visa application form (download here)
-Passport size photo (4.5cm x 4.5cm)
-Photocopy of passport
-Reason letter
-Schedule of stay/ travel itinerary
-Photocopy of alien card (if residing in another country)
-Certificate of enrollment at university (get from graduate school)
-Certificate of deposit balance from bank (minimum = how many days you going to stay at Japan x USD100 per day)
-Confirmation slip of airline reservations
-Confirmation slip for accommodation reservation

It took only one day for the Japanese consulate in Busan to process my visa. Travel visa is FOC. Japanese consulate in Busan is located at Choryang-dong subway station.


joyce said…
Lu mau pigi Japan ka?
Xweing said…
Joyce, I already went and came back, stay tuned for my blog updates!
S. Lee said…
안녕하세요? 당신은 한국어 할 줄 아세요? Gua boleh cakap Korean. I worked in Seoul, Korea 2003-2005. Now in Changchun,China. (after Korea>UAE>Qatar). I was just in Japan, in August 2010 for 3 days. I didn't apply for Japanese. I just flew into Osaka without visa. After 30 minutes of immigration procedure, Voila, I entered Japan without visa! Oh, I lived in USA too many years ago.
Ila said…
what is alien card? i plan to have a one day visit to Fukuoka from Busan. Since xsempat nk g kl utk wat visa ingat nk apply dr Korea jer. Nk pegi pon sehari jer. Klu ala2 backpackers yg last minute ni nk kene ada tiket gak ke? I mean tiket speedboat dll. Pls advise! Tq
Xweing said…
hi Ila... alien card is an i.d. card for ppl who are temporarily staying in busan (like student, or worker)...

since u are js traveling in korea i guess u dun need to show ur alien card, so js passport will do!

i bought JR beetle speedboat. u can find the counter at Jungang-dong (ferry)

To apply visa to japan need proof of travel - so yes, u need the speedboat ticket

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