(500) Days of Summer

Finally somebody made a film about IKEA. Well, not actually a film "about IKEA", but isn't this what couples do, wandering through the labyrinth that is IKEA hand-in-hand, surveying the furniture, imagining and dreaming of building their comfy little nest together, cuddling like no one's business on the couch and "pretending" to be in their happy place.

We've all been there, done that. Falling in love, then you get your heart broken, for no particular reason whatsoever. She(he) just says those heartless words to you and is gone. You drink a lot, cry a lot, smash a lot of dishes, and complain to your friends everyday until they get bored of you. You keep on wondering why she(he) broke up with you. Racing through memories of both of you together, trying to pinpoint the exact point and moment where things went wrong.

And then by chance, you bump into her(him) again. Have a coffee together, talk a lot, get your hopes up that maybe, just a slight chance that grows and grows that maybe you could both get back together again, and then realise afterwards that she(he)'s with another person. Your heart breaks and you go through the whole depression thing again.

Until one day you wake up, and realize, you're completely over her(him). Because Autumn's here.


Chanced upon this indie film titled "(500) Days of Summer" while surfing the net. It premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (from Inception) and Zooey Deschenel. I watched this show because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt but fell in love with Zooey Deschenel instead. I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt looked hot in Inception and looks a lot like a younger Keanu Reeves and HK TVB actor 陈健锋! Whereas Zooey Deschenel's character in the movie is exactly like the Korean girls I see everyday, that same hairstyle, ribbons in their hair, the dress sense.

The whole theme of the movie is blue, my favorite color. And I liked how the whole movie was put together like a series of photographs.

OK now for the movie review, although it's a nice movie, but I felt it was a bit boring. Maybe it was a bit too pop-ish for me, and maybe Joseph Gordon-Lewitt's character lacked depth, or maybe the whole "first love first heartbreak" thing seems too faraway from me now. Anyhow, watch it and maybe you'll love it, although this movie wasn't for me! :-)


Adelene said…
I find it nice though! haha..and it is breaking my heart too when the girl left him:p

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