The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 時をかける少女

Found this anime in JG's place and watched it before I went to Japan to brush up a little on my nihon-go and get familiarized with the country.

Summary from here:

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time tells us a story about Makoto, a high school student who spends her time most (playing baseball in an open field) with two of her best friends – Chiaki and Kousuke. On a particularly “Nice Day” day ~ things started off wrong for her with first being late for class, then failing a pop quiz, and then setting fire to her cooking pan during a class and during break, she was crashed into by some guy who was goofing around with friends. For a clumsy girl like her could things get any worse?? Yup, on her way back home from school, her bicycle brake decides to fail on her of which sent her flying into the direction of an oncoming train. Things went into a slow motion pace for Makoto as she gets thrown off of her bicycle and as viewers see the train coming directly at her, things was surely going to end up fatal…

Trailer here:

Somehow, I resonate with the story. I like to sit and watch the blue blue sky with its fluffy white clouds. Just staring into nothingness. And clumsy things happen to me. Always. And if only I could wake up earlier. Just a few minutes earlier. Then nothing bad would have happened. And then the boy who tells her he loves her. And she tries to avoid...

And baseball, perhaps. I finally went to the batting range with him that day. Baseball on a nice, chilly night. 500 won for 20 balls straight continuous shoot, what a rush! 3000 won in total for two of us. Just hit and hit and hit without thinking. Until the whole world is empty except for you and the ball coming right at you. I hit until my arms and wrists felt the pain until today. And the adrenaline rush afterwards. And listening to Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You" over and over again afterwards. Reminds me of my carefree high school days, each time. And now I have a new memory.


A Bookaholic said…
Siggghh if only i understood Japanese :(

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