This is the scene I'm seeing everyday now walking from my dorm to the lab. How funny a Four Seasons country can be. In Spring, the sakura tree is pink and blooming with only flowers. In Summer, the sakura tree is green and thick with only leaves. In Autumn, the sakura tree turns gold and leaves start to fall. In Winter, the sakura tree is bare and dull. You don't get to see that in Malaysia. I'm always reminded of how blessed I am to be here, at this moment.

Another tree with pink red blossoms

And my favorite university spot -- the fountain. It's so romantic it's indescribable. A lot of beautiful memories here, sitting here with my hubby eating warm toast (although the fountain was not on then), the beautiful mooncake party gathering with Malaysian friends (perfect setting for a moonlight party), and just sitting there for 5 minutes while on the way back to dinner, watching the children play around the fountain (I like to do that sometimes), listening to the water turn on and off and the whoosh when it sprouts up high.

Sometimes it looks like a birthday cake

My girlfriends at the lab. Can't imagine life without them.

Weather's already changed and I need a jacket. Got this for 50% off at a Nike store at Nampodong. Cost only 30,000+won! I like very 型 jackets, less of girly stuff please. But I still haven't worn it till now! Maybe will start wearing it next week. ^^

Nike swoosh

Been crazy busy this week. Had a lab seminar presentation on Monday, then had a "Wireless Sensor Networks"class presentation on Thursday and had to rush to prepare a 30-page presentation material for my professor to bring to his seminar on VLC (Visible Light Communication) technology. Crazy stuff. I wish I were better at elaborating technical stuff in detail. It's one of my weak points. Need to work on that. Only thing that kept me company was watching CSI Vegas Season 10. Wish I'd been a Crime Scene Investigator instead. Life would have been so much more interesting.


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