Wake me up when September ends.

And so September ended yesterday. September this year was like a good dream. My hubby was still here with me early this month. Fall semester started and I'm now into my third week of lectures.

The Malaysian table at the dormitory food hall is growing. We have 2 new girls here at Pukyong National University, Sarah and Jing Huey. It's so fun to have more girls to shop, talk, cook with... and taking nice pictures together! We've gone out shopping for autumn clothing twice already - to Busan Dae and Nampodong. Cooking bakuteh for Mid-autumn Festival party! Gathering all Malaysians from all over Busan and having a nice celebration at our beautiful university campus.

Chuseok 3-day holidays. Went to Fukuoka with Shirly and Pearly for Chuseok! (Updates later...)

3 September babies in a row: Beelie, Shirly and James. Ending September with a nice Noraebang session and dancing the night away at the university club party!~


josze said…
woah ur life really changed a whole lot compared to being in intel haha
Xweing said…
yea... sometimes i miss my old life. but this has really been quite an experience!~

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