Close to You

"Why do birds suddenly appear
Everytime you are near?
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you"

* ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~~ *

I walked too near to the water, trying to catch the foam on the waves. A big wave swept in and caught me off guard, and I was left with my white Converse-s all soaked and wet.

We sat on the stone steps by the beach. I tried to dry my sneakers and socks; and you gave me your socks to warm my cold feet.

Autumn on the beach makes everything so pure and bleached white. And the seagulls replace the droves of people and parasols. No more sand clouding the sky; the air is clear and crisp now and the seabreeze so strong it made our ears sting. I wrapped myself in my warm knitted beige scarf and threw muffin crumbs to the seagulls. They rose up in flocks around us, so near that I could just reach out and touch their wings with my hands.

And you were scared. Scared of the terror dove-attack or something. It's OK. I'll protect you, I promise.

We sat there and sang "Close to You", Glee-style. Although the birds actually appeared because we gave them food to eat.

It was a beautiful autumn day at the beach.


josze said…
awww that's sweet
leonardlcy said… the whole world knows about my bird phobia! haha. Birds are dangerous coz they can shit on you, or peck you or claw you or give you bird flu...

Loving you and missing you already.
Adelene said…
somehow, it reminds me of the cannon beach in oregon:)
Joseph said…
Excuse me! the 'Close to you' - Glee-style is a bit salah lo. What is 'Glee-style'? LOL

Nice post - the song, the birds, the beach, the autumn, the wind... ;)

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