Christmas at Nampodong

Wow, 3 posts in a day. It's like I'm blogging with a vengeance to make up for all my lack of posts in November. :P I've been feeling a little down lately, so I flipped through past Decembers and trips in my blog and reading them back just made me feel so good I knew I had to blog something down this December, well at least the good memories... :-)

Went to Nampodong (a famous shopping street in Busan) last Saturday with Shirly for some winter shopping and to see the Christmas lights. :-)

I love love love this rabbit! Should I buy one?

Even the Crocs are now filled with fur~

Had our dinner at a very nicely designed Japanese shop, Torabowl~ Funny thing was we couldn't find the door to enter the shop at first so we walked one round to the end then only realised that the door in front was located on the right side (it couldn't help much that the handle was white!) The shop was very narrow, I liked the interior of the shop which was simple, minimalist and industrialist with open kitchen and aluminium cabinets and kitchenware.

Shirly's curry rice~

My kyudon~

Apple juice which I gonna try next time~

Shirly my friend who always makes me laugh non-stop when I see her~

Me and my new leopard-print ear muffs~ And I'm not actually fat, it's my winter jacket which makes me look fat!~

During the church sermon a couple of weeks back, pastor said nowadays in the U.S. "Happy Holidays" has replaced "Merry Christmas" as the greeting norm due to cultural sensitivity issues, so much that even "Happy Hanukah" is more heard of on the airwaves, thus losing the real spirit of Christmas! And Busan is one of the least converted regions in Korea so this year the churches in Busan have got together to decorate the Nampodong street to bring out the real meaning of Christmas, especially with The Christmas Story in the center.

So pretty like snowdrops falling from the sky~

The Christmas Story... Jesus born in a manger~


nYnY_berrY said…
Buy the rabbit!

I sokong you!

家勤 said…
Xweing said…
Berry: Buy hor...? I really like it.. especially the one wearing blue stripe and red scarf.. keke

Jace: Mmm... 其实这里还真的没什么 feel... 比较怀念的是在美国的圣诞节~
Xweing said…
And nothing is better than being with family during Christmas~
Joseph said…
You are so so so FAT in that jacket...好像肥到里面的肉就要爆出来酱~~~哇哈哈~~~

I want the rabbit, the kyudon, the dessert, and the rabbit...and the snowman in front of The Coffee Factory...:P

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