Etude House "Harp Seal" hand cream

Last weekend there was a 30% sale at Etude House so I went to get myself some nail color and body lotion. Then I saw this Endangered Animal hand cream series which was soooooo cute I couldn't resist not to get one! There are 4 animals in the series: Seal (green tea), Panda(peach), Penguin(cotton) and Penguin(sakura).

Etude House "Harp Seal" hand cream. Green tea scent. Cost: 3000 won.

The container is plastic. How eco-friendly can that be??? Marketing gimmick la~~~ :P

P.S: 冬天。不想离开温暖的棉被~~~


Joseph said…
very cute lo~~~~kekekeke...look at it already feel good~~~keep the bottle for me after u finish the cream ya~ :P
leonardlcy said…
the endangered animal paragraph is creepy... The seal switched from a third-person form to first-person. Or did Etude house just hired a creepy author... "I really want to see you..."
Coketai said…
I know how it feel to stay "inside" the bed during cold winter morning.....that's how I feel in Shanghai at the moment!!ha! ha!

Stay cool!Ok!


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