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Saturday, January 01, 2011

새해 First Sunrise of the New Year

OK, trying to start on my NY resolution to blog more... ^^

Today I went to see the first sunrise of the year (Korean custom)!

5.30am - Woke up, put on 4 layers of clothes (cotton long john, Uniqlo heat tech turtle neck, Uniqlo flannel turtle neck, purple flannel hoodie) and my winter jacket.
6.15am - Left the dorm and met up with my friend to walk to Gwangan Bridge, which is just 15 mins away from my dorm!
6.35am - Met up with another friend and started to ascend the bridge. The Gwangan Bridge is only open for pedestrians 2 times a year - NY event and the marathon.
6.50am - Reached the midspan of the bridge and started to wait for the sunrise.
7.20am - "Why no sunrise yet??? Are the clouds/fog blocking the sun to come out?"
7.32am - Finally, the golden red ball of fire emerging from the horizon. The first sunrise of the year!
7.40am - Got interviewed by Busan 90.5FM radio station... hahaha
8.00am - Ate McDonalds Sausage McMuffin
8.30am - Back in my comfy dorm room... continue zzz...

Happy New Year 2011 everyone!

Mercy and I on the bridge. She is from Tanzania and we have been attending Korean language class together for two semesters now. Her Korean is better than mine, I think!

Last moon of 2010

Nice ship at the horizon, before sunrise

The sun is coming out!!!

First sunrise of the New Year on Gwangan Bridge

All three of us foreigners were interviewed by Busan 90.5FM... hahaha... just a short clip of us saying our NY wishes ^^

Also, my first time using HOT PACK - shake shake shake and put the hot pack inside my pocket to keep me warm... ^^


Invisible said...

looks like super cold, ur jacket is so thick~~~~~

happy new year ^^

Joseph said...

thick n fat~~~~

Happy New Year Xweing~~~ ;)

Xweing said...

Happy New Year to both of you!~

贤智 said...

wow.... the sunset quite nice..
Happy 2011...

Xweing said...

is sunrise la... not sunset...!!

leonardlcy said...

Here hoping the new year will bring you a new beginning and a refreshing start to your eventful life in Korea.
Look farward to the future and dont look back!

jwlaw83 said...

Enjoy life there :P

Blogger said...

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