God is so Good!

Praise the Lord!

Two things happened yesterday and today that made me very happy and touched me to the core.

Firstly, I tasted the fruit of success for my research project! Managed to complete building and testing my whole system prototype yesterday, and transmission was successful! Actually my feeling was 50%-50%; theoretically I thought it should work, but on the other hand there's so many uncertainties in analog circuit especially when I'm an amateur circuit builder but I tested it and it worked! Well... at first it didn't work but after I told myself not to panic and work with a calm head (working in the lab when everyone had gone to dinner is the best time for me), and after debugging some problems I got it to work...! Just in time before I go back to Malaysia for my holidays... I successfully completed my personal milestone on this project and I'm really thankful to God for all his help. And of course not forgetting all the advice and help I got from my hubby on hardware and software... he's really the most intelligent being I have ever met on Earth!

And today I'm very happy... just now I went to the dormitory office to hand in my curfew letter of excuse for my return from Malaysia on 13 Feb. (Yes my dormitory has a curfew until 2a.m. and I felt like a small child while typing out my letter yesterday and giving it to professor to sign.) And I wanted to talk to the guy manager about moving out my stuff to another building for storage but in the end... he made everything so easy for me!!!!!!!! Previously the lady staff told me I need to move out all my belongings to the old dormitory building... which was so troublesome... I have so much stuff and I needed to get my Korean friend to help me... but now the Manager said I can just leave my things (all boxed up) on my original room verandah! He just wanted make it easy for me cos I'm all alone and I would be returning very late... and he will leave my new room keys at the security guardpost so I can get them and move in that night itself!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord! Through him, he makes all great things possible. And He really loves me... previously he gave me all these challenges but in the end takes them all away... really really thankful and happy now ^^

And I'm also very grateful and thankful for my hubby for sticking with me through thick and thin... thank you so much for supporting me and making everything possible for me. Can't wait to see you soon in 4 more days!~


nYnY_berrY said…

Praise the lord!

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