A very Baba New Year

"Gong Hei Fatt Choy"
First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers! May the Year of the Rabbit bring abundance and prosperity to you and your family!

I'm flying back to Malaysia for CNY in one more day's time... can't contain the eagerness and excitement to see my beloved family and friends again! Flipping through our wedding pictures, I don't know why but I feel that this series really captures the whole Gong Xi Fa Cai - peranakan feel of celebrating CNY... hehehe so I decided to post them up here to share with you all! ^^

"All that gilded glory"

This series is part of my pre-wedding photoshoot from France Taipei back in December 2009. Wow, it feels like an eternity ago now. This is Peranakan House in Penang. I can only remember the sweltering afternoon heat as we stepped out from the France Taipei 4WD after it parked in front of the House. We had only one hour to take all our pictures and go, else we had to pay extra. With the heat and nervousness of that moment combined, I don't remember taking in fully the sights and beauty of that place. But when I looked at the above picture, one phrase came to mind - "All that gilded glory". The intricate, gilded gold designs of the House and the memories it held throughout the years made us look so small... totally consumed by its beauty.

"One hand on the bakul sia"
This picture somehow reminds me of my grandma. I think I look like her here.
Some of the pictures were developed and given to us in black & white. I wanted to get the original colored copies, but France Taipei made it so difficult for us... our wedding planner said she had to write a letter to the photographer to ask him to change it to colored, then had to seek his consent, and it would take some times to re-develop, then had to pay extra... so troublesome... but we were in a rush to get the album and get our wedding going on so I didn't manage to get my colored copies in the end.

Leo's friend commented in Facebook that this looks like Wong Fei-Hung...
 I feel it looks like Datuk & Datin instead... hahah.

And this is one of my favorites. Haha, I think this is the photographer's personal favorite too because he had been so impatient with the both of us all day and when I just leaned back against the pole and struck this pose he was like... "OH GOD... FINALLY!" and asked me to hold this pose and snapped this shot. I look so different here... really couldn't recognize myself. What do you guys think? Do I look anything like this, sometimes, in real life, anytime at all???

And I love this as well... so sultry and sexy... like he's whispering some secret in my ear but I'm sure at that time he was complaining... "So hot... damn... my baju is sticking to me and I'm starting to smell..." :-P


josze said…
the one that you said the photographer said 'oh god finally' IS GORGEOUSSSSSSSSS pheweeettt!
家勤 said…
the one leaned against the pole make you looks like a model ~!
Coketai said…
Wow!! Woh!! Wow!.......speechless!!!ha!ha!

Welcome back!! When going back to IPOH 娘家。


welcome back baby~ and Happy CNY~!!
Hi, you look great...can I know, do you have any language problem since your husband is a korean and you are not a korean?how you all maintain each other? did he stop you from going back to Malaysia when you want to go back to Malaysia to visit your parents? Will he back together with you?
Xweing said…
Hi Vivian...

It's a case of mistaken identity - hahah!

I'm actually not married to a Korean, I'm married to a baba boy from Melaka... hence the title of this post!

I had been studying in Korea for the past two years, maybe that's why you think I'm married to a Korean... hahaha.....

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