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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Before going back to Malaysia, I spent ~RM120 stocking up my bookshelf. I bought 4 books:

  • Elizabeth Gilbert - Committed (Sequel to Eat, Pray, Love)
  • Steig Larrson - The Girl who Played with Fire
  • Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol
  • 王信智 - 市内光 (Kiefer Wang - Traveling with K)

I didn't bring ' The Girl who Played with Fire back to Korea'. Wait for next time. Got pissed off at Borders Queensbay cos I couldn't find the paperback version for Dan Brown's - The Lost Symbol.

Me: Can you help me find the paperback for 'The Lost Symbol'?
Borders Queensbay information desk girl: Can you tell me when it is going to release?
Me: I don't know. You're the bookstore, you tell me.
Her colleague: It is expected to come out middle of this year.
Then the next day I walked into Popular Queensbay and saw a row of paperbacks for 'The Lost Symbol' on the shelf. U kidding me?!?!?! But now I know the problem with Borders - Borders is filing for bankruptcy!! No... there goes my favorite bookstore!! (Edit: Seems that Borders Malaysia is not affected after all!)

So far, I'm quite pleased with my purchase, 'The Lost Symbol' does not disappoint and takes my mind off from thinking too much about unhappy stuff. 'Committed' and 'Traveling with K' are the "emo" reads. I like Liz Gilbert's writing style, she manages to blend love, marriage and travelogues into her book and I echo with her story. 'Traveling with K' was an impulse buy just because I needed to buy a Chinese book. I read a few pages and am already feeling fed-up with his attention-seeking style of writing. Dunno la, I can't tahan guys who are too emo.

Another thing which is taking up a lot of my time now is the Korean drama 'Secret Garden'. It is so funny and nice to watch and the main actor, Hyun Bin is so handsome! 

The story is a stereotypical Korean drama with a rich-boy-meets-poor-girl theme. Hyun Bin acts as the spoiled, rich kid who is the CEO of LOEL department stores while Ha Ji-Won is a stunt actress who is poor yet determined and genuine. Their paths cross one day and Hyun Bin falls inexplicably in love with Ha Ji-Won. They go to Jeju island for an event and end up in a mysterious forest at a place called Secret Garden, and is given some magic potion by a witch and the next morning, their souls are exchanged into each other's body. 


pik lay said...

wah... borders bankrupt, then many people will have nothing to do during weekend.. Actually many people go to borders only to read books, very few who bought.. :(

leonardlcy said...

Hahha from today's The Star:- Borders Malaysia wont be affected! Yeay still can lounge in Borders QB and buy nothing!

valyn @ 家乡槟城,想念伦敦 said...

back to korean, will you miss home?

Xweing said...

Pik Lay & Leonard: YAY! *^^*

Valyn: sigh... 游子,游子... 想家是一定的了... i wish everything for both u and me can be shun shun li li this year!