The day after the snow.

The day after the snow, i woke up to a bright sunny day. It was as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened; just the slush and remnants of snow on the ground now serving as reminders of yesterday's occurrences.

The day after the snow intrigued me as much as the day it snowed. The snow had transformed the campus I know so well to a picture of gray and white with streaks of silver falling diagonally over it; an  ethereal, otherworldly place. But today everything looked familiar again.

I took my time to slowly reach the lab on this beautiful morning, taking a detour through the grounds with the pavilion and the pond; meandering around the lovely campus. The snow-covered pavilion of yesterday was no longer to be seen; the melted icicles and snow had restored it to its original image. I wish i could say the pond was half-frozen; one of my wishes had always been to skate across one. Yesterday I had gingerly put one foot on the thin layer of crushed ice with my hand hanging onto my friend for dear life, just to get a feel of what it's like to "walk on ice". From the surface I couldn't see any fish, I wondered how the carp were doing, and what would they feel about the drop in temperature?  

I risked a "falling-down" and walked up the slippery icy stairs to get to this platform just to see the snow-covered round bushes and bench, because I thought they looked like frosted donuts and imagined that they would be good for breakfast. :-)

On the way to the lab, at some parts I heard drip.. drip.. drip and thought there was rain falling but when I looked up I realized that it was actually snow-turned-water falling from the needle-like leaves of the pine trees. It would be lucky if the snow-water rained on you, like a mischievous waterfall planning an attack on a target. And sometimes if a magpie danced too hard on the branches, the snowflakes would fall in a pretty powdery way to the ground like magic fairy-dust.


leonardlcy said…
What a big difference the scenery is between yesterday and today. Hope all your days are as bright and shiny and today. I can imagine the cripsness of the air today from your post.
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