"Cappucino Kiss" at Straits Quay

韩剧《秘密花园》里面,有一幕在 Cafe Bene 的场景,玄彬对河智媛说:“女人怎么都这样,和男人在一起嘴上就沾上奶油,还假装不知道!” 然后凑上前去用 kiss 的,把她嘴上的奶油舔掉。


(过后才知道,原来这浪漫一吻叫“Cappucino Kiss” ^^)


那天晚上在 Straits Quay,你叫了我们的初次记忆啤酒 Kilkenny,嘴上却占了泡沫。怎么和韩剧剧情这么像?哈哈 ^^

还有,喝了世界上最难喝的卡布奇诺... 真是 mood-spoiler
还有,谢谢你的情人节花束啦~ ^^

Happy Valentine's Day, darling *^^*


WaBoEng91 said…
hey!Senior!(hope u don mind i calling u that, I m from MMU too!)

for your information, I will go to PKNU next week for student exchange programme for one semester!

if you allow,I hope to get your email, coz i have a lot of questions to ask you abt PKNU n Korea! I m very happy tht i happen to get a MALAYSIAN (even better a MMUnian!) in PKNU!

this is my email,
guyferd07@hotmail.com (or)

leonardlcy said…
Hahah...Really a bit fail la this Valentines Day. But it was fun taking a look at the Clan Jetty's Jade Emperor Festivals
leather corner said…
haha you two are also very sweet sweet ^^
Adelene said…
then did you help him to lick the bubble off?:p

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