Swimming in Korea

Finally after one year........ I found the perfect place to swim! 

And it was kinda by serendipity because one day I went to Kyungsung University area to eat lunch and accidentally "discovered" the university sports center which had a pool on the fourth floor! And it's so so near to my university area, well I never thought of going there to ask because I always thought entrance to the pool was restricted to KYU students only. I just need to pay 5,000won to enter! Can't believe I actually spent one year here without knowing... :-S

Chicken mayo
Teriyaki chicken
Feeling happy because swimming is the one sport that I actually enjoy and don't mind doing, and now I don't have to take the subway all the way to Sajik Stadium to swim.  Swimming in winter is also a form of relaxation as the pool is heated and is such a soothing relief from the blistering cold outside. And swimming is a therapeutic exercise for me to "realign" my neck and heal my numb finger... hopefully. :-S

But, feeling EXTRA happy because the KYU pool has swim trainers, and today I saw one of the trainers (he's on the 2nd line, right side) who is extremely 잘생기다! Tall, muscular, handsome... looking gorgeous in those swim pants keke! *^^*

Pictures later... and I'm definitely going to spend more time in the pool... from now. ^^


Foreigner Joy said…
Thanks for checking out my blog, now I am checking out yours. I added it to my expat blog list on :

leonardlcy said…
hahha I'm glad you found a pool nearer to your university. You have my permission to ogle at him while you can. hahah :)
pik lay said…
guy doesn't look appealing to me lol. bless u. haha
Joseph said…
hahaha....very Jay-Chou~ish lo...kekekek...

@Leo: Man, you are the coolest~! ;)
leonardlcy said…
Joseph: Both of us are mutually cool. I get to ogle at girls and she get to ogle at guys. No need to pretend to be holy. hahah
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Do you know what time it opens? Have a you swam Haundae office of Education?

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