Monk live jazz bar

[Sept 18, 2015] Watching the drama 오 나의 귀신님 triggered me to start blogging again to fill in the holes in my blog about my life in Korea. The guitar scene reminded me of the times where me and my partner-in-crime, Tiina, used to sneak out of the lab sometimes to check out the underground music scene around our university. 

This was one of the weekday nights where we left our lab at night and visited this place called "Monk live jazz bar". I used to think that I would never forget the names of some of the places around Pukyong National University, but now I have forgotten most of them already. We ordered cocktails and sat at the back of the bar to watch the jazz band play on stage. I remember the bar being quite empty at that time - maybe because it was a weekday night.

At another time, Tiina and I were just walking around after dinner when we saw some flyers promoting an underground music concert. Being the fun people that we both are, we decided to check it out. It was so spontaneous that I didn't even bring my camera. Hence, no pictures. There were no chairs and everyone was standing and waving their hands to the music the young pop/rock band was playing on stage. There was all this university youngsters around us. We enjoyed ourselves up to a point where we really couldn't understand any Korean lyrics and the music got too loud for us, then we left.

There was also another time where we joined Rohit at one of his favourite watering holes, the Yellow Submarine. We played pool and drank. Then we went clubbing and bar-hopping... and then we were completely locked out of our hostel because of the curfew, and we had to spend a night in the lab. 

Haha... those were the days.... and this is a picture of the bus stop near the university roundabout at night. I might have taken this picture to remember the big, bright full moon.


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