Spring things

Back to happy and carefree mood again, so... random ramblings continue! ^^

Spring is already here! Tonight I am meeting a Malaysian girlfriend who followed her hubby to Busan for conference. We are gonna eat at Haeundae and catch up on all the stuff at home, yay! Next week (4-11 April) my group of great friends from my MMU days are coming to visit me, and we're going to the Jinhae Navy Port Festival to see sakura and I might go to Seoul with them! And the week after that, my family is coming to visit me... oh... can't wait to bring them around this country which I have lived in for more than a year. :-)

Magnolia tree at PKNU front gate
There is this beautiful magnolia tree in front of my campus which only blooms once a year, and the time is now! Well last week it really started blooming but just within a day or two the flowers started turning brown around the edges and some are falling. Why don't beautiful things last for long... :-( I forgot to take pictures of it last year, and next year I will be gone before it blooms, but this year, I managed to make the most out of it by taking photos and eating take-out meals at the Family Mart opposite while looking at its magnificent beauty!

Korean magpie
What is spring without flowers and birds? This is the Korean magpie, which Leo hates so much... hahaha. I see these birds every morning hopping around, picking worms out of the ground. And I especially love it when it spreads its wings and swoops down to the ground. Simply magnificent. When I first came to Korea and saw this bird, I thought, dang, even the birds are so much more well-dressed here! I told my Korean labmate that I like this bird very much and he said, why that's a very common bird!

New bunny soft toy
This bunny is supposed to be so last season but I finally bought it from Seomyeon! Now I have an additional bedmate to hug to sleep at night. :-) I bought the one with the polkadot patterns. Now I have at least 5 items here in Korea which have white polkadots on blue fabric! (My basket, my scarf, my cushion at the lab, my scarf.)

Yay and change of season means I get to try (and buy) new facial stuff. I tried out samples from the Arsante Eco-Therapy range from Face Shop and fell in love with it! The skin toner has like this yellow oily stuff floating on top of it but its actually aromatherapy oil. After applying it my face I feel so relaxed like I'm in an aromatherapy session. :-)

And I bought the Original Power whitening and wrinkle-remover ampoule from Nature Republic yesterday. After toner, apply this, then apply lotion, then apply cream. This bottle of ampoule was 50% off and only cost 9,000won! So cheap!

I am also trying to stick to my exercise regime of 2 sets sit-up morning and night, 2 jogging sessions every week, and 1 swimming session every week. I want a bikini bod for summer!


Invisible said…
最美的景象,早已經烙印在你的腦海裡~ ^^
leonardlcy said…
Yeay! glad that you're starting a workout routine again!
joyce said…
i love your polka dot baju bear bear~~~
pik lay said…
B-tox is botox? lol
Xweing said…
Pik Lay: Hahahaha... they always have very weird names de...
nYnY_berrY said…
@xweing I saw Rilakkuma!
Blogger said…
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