Thursday Party.

Me and my two Finnish friends ~ Teemu (the guy) and Tiina (the girl)
Tiina and my labmate Rohit (from India)
Foosball! Mr. Florida & Mr. Finland VS Korean flower boys~ 
What am I up to these days? Hmm.

There's a couple of new exchange students from the University of Oulu, Finland, and another bunch of exchange students from Multimedia University, Malaysia. So I've been busy playing host! :D

Finally made it to "Thursday Party" last Friday, thanks to Rohit. He's the one who knows all the pubs and clubs around here, seriously. The beer pub was packed to the brim with foreigners! Tiina said if the pub were to be transported over to Finland, it would still look quite in place... haha. Can't believe I'd been in Korea for a year and never been to the place. We had beer and enjoyed the music, it was quite fun, actually.

Then the next day we all went to Nampodong together and a damn seagull shit on me at Jagalchi. Luckily, the bomb was on my Converse sneakers... but still! I need to wash it! I have also been learning quite a lot of fun facts about Finnish culture and the country, update soon in my blog after I learn more. It seems that the Finns have mixed naked sauna! Wow~~~

Then on Sunday, went to swim at the public pool (only 2,500 won) with 2 Korean guys and Meryl from church, and finally learned the correct freestyle strokes to move forward! Also, yesterday I couldn't stand my dry and split ends any longer and went to cut my hair and bangs.

The new semester has started and I'm once again busy with classes. Well, not really busy actually since I'd almost finished all my credits so now I'm left with only one Low-Rate WPAN class and Korean 102 to finish. ^^ But it feels good again, it's spring and I can see the first plum blossoms start to bloom in campus. And I'm extremely looking forward to my friends and family visit next month when they come to see the cherry blossoms!

Last but not least, there was this "foreigners parade" at my university street on Saturday night where they wore masks and sang "When The Saints Come Marching In" to the saxophone while crossing the road. Funny, but I remember seeing some of those faces at "Thursday Party"... hahahahaha.


leonardlcy said…
I'm glad my dearie is having fun again. The pub looks happening! Are the people there very sociable or do they only talk amongst their own group. Or even worst like in Penang, all just sit and stare at their own table pretending to look cool. hahah...
Xweing said…
Mmm.. only talk among their own group la... as if European/American would talk to SEasian like me.. :P

But u should see the girls!! Flirting like CRAAAAAAZY! Tossing their hair, sexy dance, sexy pose while taking camera.. really go all out, man!

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