White Day in Korea

This is my second White Day in Korea ♡~~~

White Valentine's Day is celebrated in Korea and Japan on March 14. On White Day, boys give candies to girls. As a rule of thumb, the value of the gift is three times the value of what the girlfriend gave to the boyfriend on Feb 14 Valentine's Day hahaha.

This is the pile of gifts stacked up outside every Family Mart store. This year's featured K-pop idol is I.U. 아이유 who sang “좋은  날” (Good Day). She is the latest sensation among hot-blooded Korean boys these days.

I went shopping at Seomyeon with a Korean girlfriend on Saturday and took a few pictures of the White Day gift stalls around the area. There was a human hamster and human tiger giving out Free Hugs too!~

I'm kicking myself now for forgetting to get myself one of those nicely wrapped White Day gifts cos this will be my last White Day... maybe I'll go to Family Mart later and get one.

Angel-in-us strawberry latte and java mocha frappucino

After shopping we went to have coffee in Angel-in-us and I got a free pouch with miniature toiletry set! So nice~~ ^^ We also did some girly stuff in the cafe like applying eyeliner and glitter eyeshadow cos she was getting ready for her "blind date" later. In Korea, "blind dates" or 소개-ing (so-kae-ting) is very popular among singles trying to look for a potential boyfriend/girlfriend.

Then yesterday on White Day my labmates gave me Chupa Chupps in different flavours~~~ ^^


josze said…
its so widely celebrated there huh! here nobody cares. i dont think many even know about this white day thing. luckily, else i have to buy gift for bf hahaha.
Xweing said…
Keke... nvm, White Day is bf buy for gf..
leonardlcy said…
Its all comercialised! One Valentines Day is enuff! Korea even got Peppero Day...

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