April Showers

"April showers bring May flowers" --Ever heard of this expression?

South Korea is so dry and it hardly ever rains, except of late, when it has been raining every week or so. Just before the sakura bloomed, it rained and the moisture/humidity popped the flowers, which had been hiding inside their buds. Afterwards it rained so hard and mercilessly brought down all the tiny pink petals. :-(

I didn't know the expression 春雨 (spring rain) was true until I came and lived in a country with four seasons. When it hadn't rained for months in autumn and winter, I missed the rain so much and it made me homesick, thinking of Malaysia, where it rains so heavily that it causes traffic jam and floods, yet a rainy day is just another normal day.

Today it rained again. I looked out my window this morning at the bleak weather and smiled, comfortably tucked in between my warm comforter and bed sheets. I was sick the whole day yesterday, diarrhea in the morning and fever at night. But I'm better today. :-) And there's a trip to Geoje city happening next week!

Rainy days just make me think of slurping spicy hot tomyam noodles. I can almost feel the taste in my mouth... one of the best things to do with my darling in Penang is driving around looking for the spiciest tomyam in town, the kind that will make your tongue burn and explode a hole in your stomach. Oh how I miss those days. Even the nuclear ramen can't replace the taste and tanginess of tomyam

--Taken during my CNY trip back home in February 2011. Hubby brought me to see the sunset and have a yummy Thai meal at Lim Jetty.


leonardlcy said…
after staying in penang for a while, i noticed the sky in penang is very colourful very sunset. maybe its because its near the sea.
Ira said…
hi, found your blog while googling spring in korea.
im gonna visit seoul next month, so excited! but still blur whether i should bring jacket, or is cardigan enough?
Xweing said…
Hello Ira!! R u going to Seoul for conference?

In May I think cardigan/spring jacket is enought.. definitely not thick jacket.
Ira said…
Hello! hehe no, just tumpang my friend who is going for conference.

Thanks for the tip! hmm now i have to google for spring jacket. :)

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