Doggies in Korea

One of the things that delight me the most on my random walks around in Busan are the dogs here. The dogs here in Korea are mostly purebred; it is quite rare to see mixed-breed dogs or even stray dogs running around (sent to the pot, maybe? haha...). And the dog owners here like to bring their dogs out to enjoy the sun once in a while, especially now that the weather is nice in spring. There are also so many cheap dog clothes and accessories selling on the streets. The Korean word for dog is (kae) and the sound to call the dog is "mong mong"... haha... so different from Malaysia where we call "wow wow". 

I saw this handsome Golden Retriever when I went to Gwangan Beach for the festival last weekend. Isn't he handsome?
Cute dachshund. I always wonder how they able to run so fast with those short stocky legs... keke
This is my hubby's favourite dog - a Schnauzer. It looks like a mini grandfather with the white fur around his mouth. Awwwwwwww isn't he so adorable with that pink balloon tied above his neck??? Saw it on Nami island.
This dog is a regular visitor at Haeundae beach. I must be one too; cos I've been there twice and seen it twice!
Baby princess dog being pushed around in a pink pram at Jagalchi fish market. It even has its own teddy bear! One of those "what has the world come to?" moments... haha


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