Spring Things II

*Yay... went to Seoul and back with my beloved family. I feel very thankful and blessed that I have so many friends and family coming to visit me from time to time. They really cheer me up and make me feel loved. And, having many visitors makes me feel less lonely in a place where I can't fit in. But, I hate the parting and goodbyes that have to happen each time. But I know, the more goodbyes I say means the less months I have before I see them again, before the final goodbye that I will say... to Korea. :-)

Myeong-dong is really a shopping heaven! It was my second visit since year 2005... all along I thought that nothing could beat the prices at Seomyeom and Nampodong, but Myeong-dong did! And much more variety too... OMG what a fun shopping street.

Bought some stuff and of course, received some early birthday presents from my dear hubby ^^

All my stuff
1) Blue collared cotton shirt with scarf from Myeong-dong (15,000 won)
2) Dark blue cotton spring jacket from Unionbay, Savezone (20,000 won)
3) Floral print dress from Hongdae subway shop (19,000 won)
4) Spring flats from Myeong-dong (5,000 won)
5) Jar of Aqua cooling gel from Nature Republic (10,000 won)
6) Birthday present from my sweetie!! Red Clarins vanity travel kit from airport duty-free. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY *lovesssssssssss*

My mom and I - Taken with my Panasonic Lumix LX5 at N Seoul Tower toilet

Yayyyy the BEST gift of all was my brand new camera, bought online from Amazon.com. Yay now finally for some decent pictures!!! Kekekeke.... so excited to try out my new camera...

OKOK actually I have no money now (still a student) so ask my hubby to finance my camera for me first. Gonna pay him back later when I have the money... :P

Thank you hubby!!! Taken with my Panasonic Lumix LX5 at N Seoul Tower


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