First of May

April seems like passed by so fast... and now it's May again. The warm sunshine, light cardigan, may flowers, all help to raise my mood a little. April and May are both spring months but they are different. April was still chilly but the beautiful sakura for two weeks and the presence of my family and friends helped to chase time away... made it go a little faster. However I'm still a little bit moody in expectations of my birthday... last year I had a blast and had so many friends with me. But this year I keep thinking that no one's gonna celebrate with me and I can't help but to think negative. Maybe I should just get used to the fact that it will never up last year's celebrations and count my blessings since my hubby had already bought me two presents: my camera and travel makeup kit. Or maybe I should go out and grab that gold nameplate I have always wanted, and buy a new pot of flowers to cheer my mood.

People enjoying the spring day in campus

On the first of May, I saw a bunch of people sitting under a tree at the garden in front of the campus main gate, enjoying the bright sunshine. Only a bunch of foreigners would do that, not the Koreans. 

I went out clubbing the whole night on 29th April, Friday night. It was the first time in my life that I had ever spent the night out till 6am. And I have a good excuse for that... it's because of the dorm's 2-6am curfew that I couldn't go back haha. I went with a girlfriend and met up with a group of foreigners from my same university so we went to noraebang and then clubbed together. I always thought that I was getting too old for clubbing because according to my hubby I always fall asleep around 2-3am when we go clubbing together. Well maybe we should try club-hopping then so that the change of place would make it more interesting. But it was a nice experience since I was feeling relaxed after my seminar and hanging out with my girlfriend was actually kinda fun. :-) But of course I still prefer clubbing with my hubby cos it feels so good to have someone familiar wrap his hands around me and I can always feel safe when I see his brilliant smile in the darkness of the club. It started drizzling around 4am and I can't believe that my Australian classmate ditched me and my girlfriend! Luckily for us I wasn't worried cos we could always go back to the safety and comfort of my lab and hide from the rain and cold till the dormitory opens again.

More handsome Korean doggies...

In the afternoon, Shirly and I went to the United Nations Park near my university. It is a memorial park dedicated to the fallen UN soldiers who fought and died in the Korean War (1950~1953). We went there because there are supposed to be many nice flowers blooming at this time. Too bad there were no more tulips this year, dunno why... It was a peaceful and quiet afternoon, walking around in this lush, green and open space, which is very rare in the congested cities of Korea.

The small flag denotes the same day back in history (May 1) that the solider died on the battlefield.
Big wide open space... Wall of Remembrance

Fallen sakura trees...
And a very nice manmade flower island in the park

While walking in the park, I saw an unexpected person pop up in front of us... it was Tiina! Haha... so three of us walked around together then went to Painted Chair cafe to chill out afterwards. Painted Chair cafe is an art gallery cum cafe near Pukyong/Kyungsung University area which I have always wanted to visit.

I have always loved wooden flooring and bright open spaces with a bit of colorful fabric and greenery to cheer the space up. Hubby if you're reading this I wish our home turns out to be as comfy and bright and cheerful as this! One thing I feel sad about is I cannot be at home to do furniture-shopping and supervise our new home renovations together with my hubby. Feel kinda sad because this is our first home together and I'm not there to go through the whole process of decorating it. But my dear hubby never leaves me out as he always updates me with budget, selecting furniture and appliances and small details. *Love*
Shirly & I
Tiina & Shirly

Our afternoon lunch - meat pasta and gorgonzola pizza with honey at La Lieto Pizza.

I had a very fun and relaxing time on May Day.


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We love MAY~ cheers ^^

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