The Korean Cinderella.

OK, so I have a renewed resolution to update my blog about the small details (non-happenings) going on in my life. A reminder, that everyday of my life is worth living for, and everything is worth its own tale. Need to remember to blog for myself and not for other people, although I often get discouraged by lack of visitors and comments...

Today, I learnt a fairytale in Korean language class. The name of the story is 콩쥐 팥쥐 and it's actually Cinderella, retold in the Korean version. -_-'''.......... Btw I was busy checking my phone-dictionary for the meaning of 콩쥐 팥쥐, then my classmate told me it is actually just the name of the two girls, 콩쥐is the Cinderella's name while 팥쥐is the step-sister's name. The story is actually the same as the original version except at one point while we were watching the flash cartoon, my classmate shouted out "I've never seen Cinderella wearing a hanbok!!!"... and we all laughed... it was ridiculous, really. And at the end of the story Cindy married a magistrate instead of a Prince.

This is the link to the short story (in English):

and the flash animation (in Korean):

Yesterday was there was a concert in Kyungsung University, just walking distance from my campus. Compared to Pukyong National University which is the univ I am studying in, Kyungsung University is a private university geared towards the arts, while PKNU is more of an engineering and fisheries science univ. So you can easily tell the difference when girls walk out of the KyungsungDae/PukyongDae subway station, the pretty girls will go to the right (KSU) while the not-so-pretty ones will walk to the left (PKNU) haha. It's kinda like how the described 2nd floor in Intel last time, pretty girls turn right (IT dept.) while not-pretty ones turn left (PDC) hahahahaha...

Anyway the music major students had their semester performance in opera and classical singing. The main point of going there is to see the pretty Korean girls all dressed up in elegant gowns! My friend said to me, she would like to learn opera just to be able to wear those dresses... Really felt like I was in a TV drama when I went there.

Aren't they just Cinderellas dressed up for the palace ball?

My church friend, Sarah
Boys group

Love the white flower in her hair...

I love her silk velvet colored gown... so elegant and shimmery... the girl on the right was the best singer of the night and her facial expressions were superb~

Even the pianists (all different for each song) dressed up in gowns, but all the pianists wore black. The girl on the right had sooooooooooo many supporters cheering for her.

Nuns??????! It was a performance of the songs in "Sister Act"
All the pretty girls and boys


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