Laniege White Plus Renew

Wahahaha... very happy now cos bought my Laniege White Plus Renew set... to prepare myself for the battle against summer free radicals! Aritaum had 15% sales today, so bought the set below for only 45,050won after discount! Original price was 53,000won. Got all the freebies below - IOPE mini set (on left), Laniege Water Sleeping Pack EX, and Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack EX... wahahhahahahahahahha can't stop grinning... ^^ (Happy Parents' Day to myself~)

Laneige White Plus Renew set and freebies~

Went shopping with Min Ji again at Seomyeon today and she introduced me to this gem of a pasta and pizza place - the name of the restaurant is "Interactor" and it is located on the 4th floor of the building beside ABC Mart near Frisbee Seomyeon. It looked like nothing spectacular outside but once I entered I was blown away by the place - nice decor, nice upbeat jazz music and yummy food.

The bathroom - on the door and painting on the wall.

Min Ji & our food
We ordered salad pasta and a small pizza that was actually okodomiyaki in disguise...

And free coffee - my shakerato and her mochaccino.


leonardlcy said…
happy parents day??!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there anything that I should know???
Xweing said…
Yes... feeling a tiny little growth wriggling inside of me.. KEKEKE... no lah... dun be anxious...

It was Parents' Day the day I bought the set.. so.. ok happy "FUTURE" Parents' Day to me~ ^^

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