Late Bloomers

Woke up surprisingly early today. Took one look at the alarm clock, saw "10.30" on it and straightaway jumped into the bathroom. When I came out, wrapped in a towel, I checked my handphone and saw that it was actually only 8.30am... haha... dried my hair, jumped back under the covers and continued reading "Loves Music, Loves to Dance" by Mary Higgins Clark...

Love this time of year with blue skies and white clouds and yellow daisies by the road combined. This patch of yellow flowers are planted by the roadside behind the dormitory building which I don't pass by so often, only on the weekends when I take a bus to church. The long, thin stalks and big  yellow head sway ever so easily in the strong breeze, releasing so much pollen and fragrance into the air. Good thing I'm not allergic to pollen. But I did fall sick though, due to the extreme change in weather - one week it felt like summer and the other week it threatened to go back to winter. I had a fever with a heaty cough that still hasn't gone away after one bottle of cough syrup...

Waiting to cross the road
Golden yellow buttercups? Or daisies?

I didn't know that roses were late bloomers too. I can see them in full bloom now, by the roadside bush, or planted in rows along the path to school, or crawling through the arch above my head. The vivid red colours, as strong as the lips of a lover. 

Pink rose in Busan University campus
Red roses at the bush behind my dormitory


pik lay said…
Very spring there :D
leonardlcy said…
wow..the roses so lebat!!!
the roses here are so beautiful!

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