Mary Higgins Clark

I had always seen Mary Higgins Clark's books displayed on the bookstores' shelves, yet never attempted to pick up one. Just like Jeffrey Archer or Sophie Kinsella etc.You see, I am somewhat of an unadventurous reader -- I stick to authors whom I am familiar with, or only if the book is on a bestsellers' list. Then after I finish reading those books, I pass them down to my brother, and  one day, after reading a string of books all by the same author, he finally got fed up and exclaimed, why do you always read from the same author? Haha... same for drama series, I only watch those which I am familiar with. Like for crime drama, I only stick to CSI (Vegas, NY and Miami), not Numbers, NCSI or whatever!

My favourite crime/suspense novels are wayyy too antique -- Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie novels.  Mary Higgins Clark's stories are set in fairly more recent settings, like the suburbs of New York in the 1990s. And she is still writing, until now!

I picked this book "On the street where you live" off from the bookshelf in my church's mini library. It's a real page-turner and just perfect for some brainless reading when I relax on my bed at night or when I'm on the bus. 

I guess I found my new favourite suspense genre writer. :-)


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