My Birthday ♥

Looks like all my May-born friends have put up their birthday cakes in their blogs! So ta-da... here's a picture of me with my lovely birthday cake too! *^^* (But picture looks very chan... oh why couldn't I just look pretty and fresh on my birthday?? :P)

Me and my birthday cake!
Thanks to my baby for making this an extra special birthday for me! Felt loved and nothing else mattered... after I saw the sugary sweet pink Hello Kitty cake and roses that he delivered to me! The Hello Kitty cake was from Paris Baguette.

My pinky cake
Nice cake box
Beautiful bouquet of roses which has turned into a dry bouquet in my room
Haha... one funny thing about my birthday is how it is always over-shadowed by two events in Korea...

1) Coming-of-age day/ 'adult day' (성년의날) is held on May 16th in Korea. It is celebrated when young adults turn 20 that year and the girls usually get roses. When I was carrying my bouquet of roses walking happily back to the lab, I heard a group of girls say... "oh yeah... it's sung-nyeon-ui-nal today!" and I was like........... "nooooooo it's for my birthday!!" They probably thought I was an ajumma flower-seller as no one in their right mind would still think I look 20... My roommate turned 20 too and she had two stalks of roses in her makeshift plastic bottle flower vase. So the number of roses in my room is officially 20.

Flower bouquets selling on the street just outside my campus!
2) Teachers' Day. And when I mean they celebrate it, they really celebrate it with great honour! Everybody had to handwrite a card to give to our professor. I hadn't handwritten a Teachers' Day card ever since I left primary school! And we all chipped in to buy professor a gift, a wallet this time. And no, this time I did not get to blow the candles and cut the cake together with him.

That's my professor with his cheese cake

My birthday suit
Friends who celebrated my birthday together with me... we had a good time teaching the Indian and Finnish to play Korean drinking games.

My birthday gifts:

Custom-made gold nameplate which I bought for myself (from OSI)
Gifts from girls in the lab - L'occitane lavender handcream and lip gloss

Happy birthday to me! And I wish that my next birthday will be better... cos I will finally be at home celebrating it with my dearest hubby...


Invisible said…
May born babies like to "show-off" their birthday cakes? haha~ i put cake photo oso lolz~

ur hello kitty is so cute~ u win liao haha~
joyce said…
Happie Bday Xwei!! :D
Gwen @ 小宝 said…
Happy birthday to you ya, dear~~hugz!
Xweing said…
Invisible: No win, no win~~ Your birthday is much better surrounded by so many of our friends.. miss them so much

Joyce and Gwen: Thanks!

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