49 Days (49 일)

It's June! Which means there's 8 more months before I go back to Malaysia for good...*yay*!

When I first saw the drama poster of "49 Days", I thought that it was going to be boring because it looked so bland and white. But the other day I was too bored after finishing my CSI season so I gave "49 Days" a try... and now I'm hooked! It's one of the few Korean dramas which I can keep chasing and chasing... which is worth mentioning because I'm usually so slow in watching Korean dramas... there's so many beautiful girls and handsome guys in the cast, and the down-to-earth storyline (not extravagantly rich people, young couple who's about to get married) makes me able to relate to my daily life here.

In Chinese culture, it is believed that after a person dies, the 49th day is the day that the spirit returns to visit his/her family, that's why family members usually hold a wake for the deceased on that day. I'm not sure whether it is the same case in Korean culture though, but the name of the drama seems to indicate that...

Main cast of "49 Days"

The girl and guy on the right are Shin Ji-Hyun and Kang Min-Ho, the couple who were about to get married before the girl got into a car crash and fell into a coma. Ji-Hyun borrows the body of the lady in the middle, Song Yi-Kyung, and tries to gain 3 drops of tears from 3 different people outside her family who genuinely love her and will cry for her. She has to do this within 49 days before the reaper, or the guy on the 2nd left who calls himself "Scheduler", takes her away in an elevator to heaven.

Love all the dresses in the movie, and of course the hairstyles... why do Korean girls have to be soooo pretty?

One thing I didn't like about the main actress Ji-Hyun is that she likes to wear circle lense, which makes her irises look exceptionally fake. But well, it does makes her look more like a ghost, which for the most part, is her role in the movie. And it gives me the creeps whenever she bends over the sleeping Yi-Kyung to take over her body at night. Yi-Kyung also looks a bit too mature for her role in the drama, can't foresee any chemistry between her and Han Kang. But I love love love the "villain BFF" In-Jung, she's so tall and pretty!

Anyway, look forward to all the nights bunking up in my comfy bed and watching this drama late into the night... ^^


joyce said…
i finished watching this drama and i love it! Really addicted to it :P
This drama has different storyline compared to other typical korean drama. Something that caught my attention too..
josze said…
wey ur junior find u find until me here leh. ask for your email how?

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