Bibim cold noodles~

On left: Bulgogi          On right: Bibim-style cold noodles
It's that time of the year again for the cold noodles (naeng myeon 냉면).......... Koreans like to eat this in summer time. It's so cool and refreshing for the body.

There are two types of cold noodles, I ordered the bibim-style cold noodles which has some spicy sauce added and it's dry style with just a little bit of cold soup. There's half an egg and some slices of cucumber on top. Use a scissors to cut it up, down, sideways (가위로 냉면을 자르다) and you're ready to go~! The shop I ate in just now is a favorite with the university crowd cos you can order a set of 2 naeng myeon + 1 serving of bulgogi meat for 11,000won. And get a free refill of yuk su  (meat-flavoured hot soup 온 욕수) from the kettle. Yummers!!

And this is how I look like now after I went to the hairdresser's and got my dry, yellowish split ends all snipped off! Again 가위로 머리를 자르다........ the hairdresser helped me to blow-dry and style it so it looks volume-ish! *^^*


Invisible said…
nice hairstyle ^^
leonardlcy said…
wow!!! you look hot in the new hairstyle! can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!

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