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Yesterday I had a nice long chat with my mom... about 1 hour++... showed her pictures of my new house, and talked about a lot of stuff. It is good to hear her laugh... I feel very happy when she is in a cheerful mood. ^^


Chanced upon a bunny-themed cafe when hubby and I were walking about in the electronics district, scouting for stuff for my project. He was hungry in the morning... "I can't think anymore!!"... so we went to get some breakfast, even though lunch was 10 mins away~~ 

It was a nice cafe, though somewhat out-of-place among the maze of shops selling bolts and nuts and transistors and switches and cable wires and a million other nitty-gritty stuff. It had dark grey walls, a multitude of mismatched chairs (some comfy, some hard), an expensive espresso machine, French sketches hanging on the walls, small antique trinkets and six red ultraman dolls on the windowsill. And a big tree in the center (it is funny how Korean cafes always have these trees decorated with fairylights indoors) with small white chairs dangling from its branches. 

Chocolate muffin with whipped cream topping

I can't even remember the name of the cafe now but we were pleasantly surprised when the shopowner, a young girl (maybe in her mid-20s) plopped down a small wooden tray with a bunny, two white round tablets and what looked like a shallow puddle of water in front of us. The porcelain bunny sat with its forearms perched on the yellow platter, it looked like it was thirsty and patiently waiting to take a sip. The shopowner gently placed one of the tablets into the water, and as it instantly bulged up in front of us, she explained that it was a wet towel. Amazing! 

Then came our serving, two chocolate muffins with a generous serving of whipped cream on top, and sliced almonds drizzled in warm chocolate around the plate. Frantically, we dug in with our purple forks with golden ribbon into the muffin and brought it up into our mouths... the warm heavenly chocolaty feeling melting in our mouths together with the silky creaminess of the whipped cream. Together we had a lovely breakfast, with the iced caffe mocha and complimentary pretzels and chocolate chip biscuits. And when I asked for some water, she gave us ice-cold water in crystal glasses with zesty lemon slices in it, perfect for a hot summer's morning.

The pretty shopowner in her flowery summer dress and apron sat and chatted with her mom, while having their kimbap lunch, while getting up once in a while to water the potted greens in the cafe. I could easily imagine her as heroine of some drama, like her dream was to open a cute Peter rabbit-themed cafe like this, while waiting for her Prince to arrive.  

And lunch afterwards at Interactor restaurant in Seomyeon, digging into a large plate of Italian herbs barbecued chicken and chips and cold draft beer.

Look at his happy face
The obligatory tree-in-cafe

And the view from the motel which we stayed, I left my camera in the room this time as he was always complaining about me taking a thousand photos whenever we were together but this time when I did not take any he said that he wished I had brought my camera along this time x_X... men are so complicated.


leonardlcy said…
everytime i look at the penang bridge from my balcony, I think of teh gwangan bridge that you've viewing.

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