Baby visited me in July ♥

Baby came to visit me again, for the fourth time in the ~1.5 years I've been studying here.

Some observations:-
  • Actually not being able to meet each other for a long time is not the worst part;
  • The time when we have to say goodbye to each other is.
  • It is not healthy to stay apart from your partner for a very very long time.
  • Sometimes I regret my decision to come here to study alone.
  • It is difficult to get a certain liquid-based thingy here in Korea.

His flight got delayed at Incheon so he had to stay overnight in Seoul, then catch the earliest possible KTX to Busan the next morning. I stayed alone all night, in the motel room overlooking the beautiful diamond bridge that I had booked earlier. Initially I was really happy and excited about spending a few hours all by myself cos I'd settled my hardware debugging stuff in the evening, I'd brought my Grisham novel and was planning to luxuriate in a nice, long, hot, bath with it, then put on a sleeping mask and lie in bed  while waiting for him to arrive. In the end I still did all that, but felt sad cos he wasn't able to make it.

Hmm... the weather was overcast for a few days and it had been raining the whole of last week, but the good thing was the skies cleared up just before he came. :-) The motel that we stayed in at the Gwangan waterfront was expensive but totally worth it, cos of the location and proximity to my university area. I even managed to squeeze in lotsa activities during the short time he was here (two and a half days to be exact), such as bringing him to eat his fave Paris Baguette cream choux and onigiri (삼각 김밥) at the shop opposite my university. I even brought him to try the interesting cold noodles with a side serving of bulgogi, watched Transformers 3 in 3D (movie sucked without Megan Fox though), then a couple rounds of beer and cocktails at Thursday Party after that.

The next day we had warm chocolate muffins with whipped cream and caffe mocha at a bunny-themed cafe tucked away in the electronics district, Italian herbs barbequed chicken and chips with cold beer for lunch at a nice restaurant in Seomyeon, then samgyupsal for dinner with the beautiful Gwangan bridge serving as the backdrop, accompanied by the music of the belly dancers jiggling on the street. In the evening, as the colors changed from bright to blue to purple, we had a nice long stroll on the waterfront and sat on the rocks as we watched the lights of the Gwangan bridge start to turn on one by one. Then we extended the night by clubbing it away at Ghetto near my university.

On the last day, it was church and many introductions to the pastor and all my friends (to somewhat shocking gasps of "Megan! I didn't know you were married!"), then it was pan-fried spicy rice noodles with 100% apple juice for lunch and macaroons for dessert at Shinsegae then sending him off on the KTX back to Seoul and more tears at the platform *sob*.  

He said Gwangan Bridge on an overcast day looks like Golden Gate Bridge in the fog

Wish he didn't have to leave so soon. I miss him so much already.................. *sob sob*


junny said…
If you back to Penang call us yam char la.. so long time didn't see you already ^^
missjjing said…
xwei jia you~ i too am never good at saying goodbye :)

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