Autumn is here again.

Autumn is upon us all of a sudden... I saw my first golden leaves today, they shone out amongst the thick, dark green leaves of the sakura tree. Autumn came upon us as fast as the hot, humid showers of summer, it rained  one day last week and I found it to be surprisingly cool after that, unlike the summer rain that leaves the residue sticky feeling on my skin. I stopped using air-con at night and opened my windows to let the fresh air come in (although the quality of air is debatable, considering my window opens to a big, noisy road outside..), and I started wearing cardigan again.

It is depressing to see autumn again, this means that summer is really over. I didn't expect autumn to come so soon, I remember last year I wore short-sleeves shirt well into September and after my short Fukuoka trip I came back to Busan, and saw everybody was already in long-sleeved cardigans.
Living in a four seasons country, I am able to witness that summertime is really flighty, no wonder so many people jam-pack the beach whenever they can. I don't like autumn where all the leaves start to fall off the trees and it starts to get cold and you don't see the sun that often and I have to layer-up but I'm not good at mix-and-matching my clothes. Although on the bright side, my friend kindly reminded me that "summer is over, after autumn, after winter, you'll get to see your hubby again!"


jing said…
xiao wei guess what? I know exactly how you feel! Few weeks ago i d felt sad for I felt that summer is coming to an end although the sun still shines brightly each day. Not that I hate autumn/winter. But I am more used to having sunlight for 12 hours per day instead of coming out from the office surrounded by darkness. It feels so depressing. I want my sunlight~~~~~
Xweing said…
yeah, my friend once told me that there is this depression caused by changing of season.. from spring-summer to the autumn-winter months. when ppl lack of sunlight they will get more depressed. i believe this is true now. although i was very amazed at my first autumn cos saw all the leaves turned golden.. it was a really good experience.

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