Fukuoka Part IV - Late Night Sushi in the Red-light District

We saved our stomachs for a late-night supper near our guesthouse. At first the yatai foodstalls were on our itinerary, I planned to slurp down a hot bowl of tonkatsu ramen and eat a few sticks of grilled yakitori, but I think at that time we were too full for a heavy supper. So we decided to find 100-yen rotating sushi shop instead. 

Pictures above: Brightly-lit yatai (foodstalls) along the Nakasu-Kawabata district. It felt like Malaysia 大排挡 foodstalls again! Here in Korea we seldom get to see this... Also the taxis in Japan are so old fashioned... like those taxis in 1980s-1990s..

By the Hakata river
Me holding the cheap plastic umbrella that we borrowed from the guesthouse... everybody was using the same kind of umbrella, when we left it at the 100-yen store it got stolen... or taken by mistake since they all looked the same haha.

When we walked around the Nakasu-Kawabata area, little did we know that it was a redlight district! There were many "salary men" (office workers) walking around in their black suits and ties and girls dressed very sexily standing in wait... 

The picture below is a very blur picture of a girl dressed in a wedding gown! They were at a flower shop... 

Shirly: "Heyyy look at that girl wearing a wedding dress... why is she wearing a wedding dress at night?"
Me: "Errr... maybe they just finished their wedding dinner..." 
Shirly: "=_='''''' where got wedding dinner until so late and the bride still walking around after that 1?"

Wow... Japanese "taste" really different... haha... really all sorts of kinkiness level........ =_='''''' And their 7-11 convenience store even sold lace panties with hole in the middle... again I asked (naively), "why this panty got hole 1???" Hahaha... for convenience-sake I guess!! =_=''''''

Nakasu-Kawabata red light district!
Cute owls in a display window
Finally, we saw a 100-yen rotating sushi shop and went in. This is what 3 girls ate... not too much huh... but everything was so yummyyyyyyyyy the salmon was so fresh!!!

And lastly, back in the comfort and safety of our guesthouse........ zzz... prepare for our next day adventure early the next morning...

Red Japanese paper umbrella


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