Graduation Day (...but not mine)

Today is Graduation Day again. For those who graduate in the beginning of fall, they call it "graduate cosmos". That's because this is the time when the pretty pink and white cosmos flowers open... such a lovely name, right?

Three of my lab members graduated - 2 Masters and 1 PhD. Took picture with Heung Sub and Rohit who graduated! Congratulations to them!

My lab members (part of them): (from left) Dr. Lee, who's doing post-doctorate in our lab, Sang Joong, a PhD candidate and "head" of our lab, Heung Sub, graduated Masters, Sung Mo, Masters student, me and Jeong Heon, 4th-year undergraduate who's doing internship at our lab.

More pictures: Rohit, his sister Nidhi, me and Heung Sub

When is it gonna be my turn???????????????? 

The answer is February 2012..... but till then... I have to plough through my thesis, debug why the damn signal is not correct, etc etc etc..................... *sad and worried and everything and feeling hopeless sometimes...*

I really hope I am able to graduate next year and go home to my loved ones! Miss them so much... :-(


nYnY_berrY said…
my dear, you can do it one~! NIKE! Just do it!

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