Oedo Paradise Island (외도)


1) Weather is getting more and more similar to Malaysia now. My bangs are giving me pimples and clogged pores so starting from today Imma clipping them back!
2) Feeling a little sad and ajumma-ish cos yesterday somebody at church said I am 30 years old! And a little girl called me "i mo" (aunty) yesterday... *sobssssssssss Must be my hair! Must be me getting out of shape! Feel like getting a new haircut but just don't know what to do...
3) Professor is not around so I can relaxxxx a bit~ Everybody is doing the same... hehe
4) My baby's 30th birthday happened yesterday! Ordered some cutesy cupcakes for him~ lion & pig


Oedo Trip

On Saturday I planned a daytrip to visit Oedo with my Malaysian friends. Oedo (외도) is a small, privately-owned island off the bigger island of Geoje. It is my third time in 3 months to visit Geoje island and frankly, I am a bit sick of crossing the Geoga Bridge already... 

Transportation & how to get there from Busan:
From Busan, we took a bus from Sasang Intercity Bus Terminal to JangSeungPo (장성포). Then change to a city bus to ferry terminal. The ferry to Oedo costs 19,000won round trip. And when we reached Oedo, we had to pay another 5,000won to enter the island.  

While waiting for our time to get on the boat we ducked into a small cafe called Olle for the aircon and some shaved ice (patpingsu). The patpingsu was delicious cos it had some fruits like kiwi and tomato! And we shared an affogato coffee which is espresso with lotsa icecream~

Patpingsu (Red beans and fruit with shaved ice)

Haha... looking very summer-like in our straw hats... I like the big straw hat with polka-dot ribbon... too bad it is not mine... don't think I will spend money on buying one although it feels very "Pretty Woman"-ish!!!

During the boat ride, the captain ajosshi announced that we could go out on the deck and look at the surrounding islands. Felt like being on a island cruise in Thailand.

Jutting out rock which looks like a face!

After more than half an hour, we reached Oedo Paradise Island... the entrance wowed us with its Mediterranean-like feel...


 Group picture:
Oedo written in Chinese means "the outside island". There is another island called Nedo which literally translates as "the inside island"

This part feels like Cameron Highlands

At the center part of the island was a Venus Garden with many chalk statues... Jing Huey said the owners of this island really know how to make money... just simply throw a few "Greece" statues around and collect entrance fee... hahahah really true...

Group photo at Venus Garden
Then we went up some stone steps called "Stairway to Heaven" to take in this breathtaking view... This place is also the scene of the final episode in Winter Sonata where the lovers reunite...


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Joohee Lee said…
Lovely fotos

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