Praying for accomodation.

Sometimes I think I am really stupid in the sense that I like to create trouble for myself............ @.@

This morning I woke up, feeling really bored and thought to myself... "Gosh, I'm feeling so lethargic lately... I hope something BIG can happen and jolt me out of my sleep"............

Then around 11am I got a call from dormitory office saying that I cannot apply for extended stay from Aug20-30th because I didn't apply for next semester boarding. What the @%$#^%#&!#%&?!?!?!?!? 

"It must be a mistake... it must be a mistake..." I kept on wishing as I raced back from the lab to the dorm office. But it was not. I really forgot to apply for next semester boarding in June cos that time we had to apply for 2 boardings (summer boarding and fall semester boarding) consecutively and I was busy with my Jeju conference so I think I got confused and let the dateline pass...

So sad... anyway there might be a few chances that I can get back in the dorm... a) my roommate js told me today that she applied but she gonna drop the accommodation for nx semester cos she's going to University Malaya for exchange program... so hopefully I can take her place b) a guy in the Office of International Relations told me to find him again on Aug 17 and he can maybe help me to get a place in.....

Otherwise my only choice is to find a one-room apartment outside the university... but it is very inconvenient and no aircon and the deposit is very expensive (Korean rental very weird.. need to pay one year deposit...) 

Please pray that everything goes well for me and I will be able to successfully take my roommate's place tomorrow................. *sobs*

*Peace out*

*Update: Got my accommodation settled on 9th August! The dormitory office SMS-ed me to ask me pay for next semester boarding, that means I got a place in! Feeling so relieved and happy~~~~~ Gave the office lady a box of Taster's Choice ice coffee for helping me out~~~~~


Anonymous said…
Nice blog! I love this hostels very much. I will definitely visit and stay to that place.

Pousada Ubatuba

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