Rainy day

A minor incident which almost turned into a major disaster happened yesterday. I was coming out of the subway on the escalator when I saw a crowd of people blocking the exit. Apparently it had started raining heavily all of a sudden so people were huddling under the subway exit roof, blocking the way out. As I reached the top of the stairs, the people in front of me could not step off the escalator as there were too many people in front of them. This caused me to bump into the girl in front as we reached the landing and the girl pressed onto the people in front of her. We were all in danger as the escalator was continuously moving but there was a human wall in front of us blocking the way! So I didn't care, started to shove and push my way forward so that the people behind wouldn't get stuck and start falling off the elevator. Luckily more people started to shout "get away! don't block the exit!" and those people blocking in front of us were shoved out into the rain.

It was so brainless and selfish of those people. Just because they didn't want to get wet they did a stupid thing which might have caused a major accident on the elevator stairs...

*On a side-note, I bought one of those transparent plastic umbrellas that we see so often in Jap dramas, of people using it at busy intersections, while walking under the falling autumn rain, of lovers huddling together... so romantic ^^ It cost 4,000won from Daiso.      


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