Random 3

a) A bad case of stomach ache reminded me yet again that I should steer clear of oily food. I should try to eat healthy, except eating healthy really here means forcing the cholesterol-free yet awfully bland dormitory menu down my throat, twice a day! Couldn't take it anymore during lunch, so I had instant food - microwaved sausage, microwaved rice and ate it with my mother-in-law's heavenly sambal except -- having microwaved food is really, really bad. I didn't feel very good afterwards. :-( And just now my senior labmate bought me dinner cos I helped him with his English so I succumbed again to a plate of yummy yet greasy yakisoba. Reminder: need to drink hot green tea and eat two nectarines later.

b) Uninstalling/ re-installing/ installing/ cracking software + making everything work together smoothly is just one of the many technical hurdles (small, yet complicated!) of an electronics major student. How I wish that everything were just pre-installed and working nicely on my workstation so I could proceed directly with my research and not care about the details!! Sigh.......... *uninstalling Labview 9.0 now and installing the cracked version (albeit in Korean)... pray that it'll work for me!


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