Catching the last bus...

From Incheon Airport to Busan.

The airplane touched down at Incheon International Airport at 9.47pm last night, after flying 6 hours and 25 minutes from KL LCCT.

The last bus which I was rushing to catch was at 10.20pm.

I bounded out of my seat as soon as the seatbelt warning lights went out. Got on the first airport transfer train and rushed through immigration check (the kindly officer said.. "ah.. Pukyong.. u have Mr. Pizza and subway station there right?" and i was thinking: "doesn't every university street have it?"). Arrived at the baggage claim area, used the waiting time to go to the girl's room, and was surprised to see my brown luggage among the first five to fall out onto the conveyor belt. Thanking my lucky stars, I picked up the bag and rushed through the green lane at customs. Reached the airport bus counter and enquired about the bus to Busan. The lady looked at me impatiently and yelled in Korean: "3 minutes left! RUN!!!!!!" So I ran all the way with my 19.7kg luggage and backpack and handbag from Gate 3 to Gate 10. Made it in time at 10.23pm to Gate 10 to see the bus driver already locking up the baggage compartment and going up the stairs to his seat. I said, "I wanna get on the bus!" He asked me, "do you have a ticket?" I said no. He asked me to go grab one. The ticket-selling counter lady was equally impatient, she asked me to HURRY!

By the time I got on the bus, I was sweaty even though it was a cold autumn night, the first of many long cold nights to arrive. I ate a charsiewpao, drank a bit of water and tried to relax, thinking, I had made it after all~ 9.47-10.20pm... quite an achievement! Thank God~

Reached Busan Nopodong bus terminal at 3am. Took a taxi back to my dormitory which cost me 23,000won (1,000won extra for taking the Gwangan Bridge) and was snugly back under my duvet before 4am.

Good night Malaysia and good morning Busan.  


Invisible said…
run megan run~!!

what an exciting trip you had! i can feel that ^^
Study in Korea said…
1 night 2 countries, welcome to Korea again.
Study in Korea said…
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Jamie Wong said…
Have a good rest girl! :) It reminded me of my visit to KL. I was running and sweating and chasing the bus. haha
Xweing said…
@StudyinKorea Hello... sorry for late reply, i am interested to blog for ur website but it would be till after i finish my thesis... cos now really tied up with it... thx

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